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ROS, MAP, MARS, Clinical Core, LATC


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Urinary condition medication usage in last 2 weeks

Urinary condition medications include: diuretic, urinary incontinence, and benign prostatic hyperplasia medications.

Value Coding
0 (no) if participant was not taking a medication to treat urinary conditions at this visit
1 (yes) if participant was taking a urinary condition medication at this visit

Participants supplied all medications prescribed by a doctor, vitamins, supplements, and over-the-counter remedies and medicines taken in the 2 weeks prior to the evaluation. Direct visual inspection of all containers of prescription and over-the-counter agents allowed for medication documentation. Medications were subsequently coded using the Medi-Span Drug Data Base system.

Medi-Span. Master Drug Data Base Documentation Manual. Indianapolis, IN: Medi-Span, 1995.