RADC Grants

Parent study grants

Study Title PI Grant # Start Date End Date Funding Agency
Epidemiologic Study of Neural Reserve and Neurobiology of Aging (MAP) Bennett R01AG017917 9/30/01 3/31/20 NIA
Rush Alzheimer's Disease Core Center - Religious Orders Study (ROS) Bennett P30AG010161 9/30/91 6/30/21 NIA
Racial Differences in Late-Life Cognitive decline and risk of Alzheimer's Disease (MARS) Barnes RF1AG022018 9/30/04 3/31/21 NIA
Rush Center of Excellence on Disparities in HIV and Aging (CEDHA) Barnes P20MD006886 5/25/12 1/31/19 NIMHD
Rush Alzheimer's Disease Core Center - Clinical Core Bennett P30AG010161 9/30/91 6/30/21 NIA
Rush Alzheimer's Disease Core Center - Latino Core Bennett P30AG010161 9/1/15 6/30/21 NIA
Pathology, Alzheimer's and Related Diseases Study (PARDoS) Bennett R01AG054058 9/15/16 5/31/23 NIA

Active grants

Study Title PI Grant # Cohort Start Date End Date Funding Agency
Mechanisms linking insulin resistance to brain structure, pathology, and function Arvanitakis, Ahima, Arnold R01NS084965 ROS 7/1/14 6/30/20 NINDS
Linking peripheral and brain insulin resistance to AD neuropathology and cognition Arvanitakis, Arnold, Ahima RF1AG059621 MAP 8/15/18 4/30/23 NIA
Racial Differences in Late-Life Cognitive decline and risk of Alzheimer's Disease — Administrative Supplement Barnes RF1AG022018-11S1 MARS 6/1/18 3/31/21 NIA
MRI markers of brain aging and risk factors for cognitive decline in older African Americans Barnes R01AG056405 MARS 9/1/18 5/31/23 NIA
Risk Factors, Pathology, and Clinical Expressions of AD Bennett R01AG015819 ROS, MAP 7/1/98 4/30/24 NIA
Exploring the Role of the Brain Epigenome: Cognitive Decline and Life Experiences Bennett, De Jager RF1AG036042 ROS, MAP 9/15/09 6/30/21 NIA
Deconstructing and modeling the single cell architecture of the Alzheimer brain Bennett, De Jager RF1AG057473 ROS, MAP 9/15/17 6/30/20 NIA
Multi-omic network-directed proteoform discovery, dissection and functional validation to prioritize novel AD therapeutic targets Bennett, De Jager U01AG061356 ROS, MAP 9/30/18 8/31/23 NIA
Characterizing the Behavior Profile of Healthy Cognitive Aging Boyle R01AG034374 ROS, MAP 8/15/09 3/31/20 NIA
Epidemiologic Study of Decision Making in Preclinical Alzheimer's Disease Boyle R01AG033678 MAP 9/15/09 4/30/20 NIA
Epidemiology of racial differences in decision making among older adults Boyle R01AG060376 MARS 9/15/18 6/30/23 NIA
Spinal cord and brainstem pathology contributions to late-life gait impairment Buchman R01AG047976 MAP 4/15/15 1/31/20 NIA
Impaired Gait in Older Adults: Pathologies of Alzheimer's disease and Related Disorders Buchman R01AG056352 MAP 8/1/17 3/31/22 NIA
Elucidating the Molecular Drivers of Impaired Mobility Within and Outside the CNS in Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Buchman R01AG059732 MAP 5/1/19 2/29/24 NIA
Quantifying Lower Extremity Joint Motion in Community-Dwelling Older Adults to Elucidate its Contributions to Mobility Limitations, Incident Mobility Disability, and Falls Dawe K25AG061254 MAP 9/1/19 4/30/24 NIA
Identifying the molecular systems, networks, and key molecules that underlie cognitive resilience Gaiteri R01AG057911 ROS, MAP 9/15/17 5/31/22 NIA
Identifying the origins of resilience through human single cell molecular networks, then testing them in diverse, resilient, human IPS lines Gaiteri R01AG061798 ROS, MAP 9/30/18 5/31/23 NIA
Rush Alzheimer's Disease Core Center-Diversity Supplement Glover P30AG010161-27S1 MAP, MARS, Clinical Core, Latino Core 4/1/18 3/31/20 NIA
Use of Healthcare Across the Full Continuum of Cognitive Health and Decline in Older Adults Grodstein, Bynum 1R01AG079226-01 ROS, MAP, MARS, Clinical Core, Latino Core 9/30/22 6/30/27 NIA
Rush Alzheimer's Disease Core Center — Administrative Supplement Kapasi P30AG010161-28S1 ROS, Clinical Core, Latino Core 9/30/18 6/30/21 NIA
Predictors and consequences of the timing and accuracy of clinical dementia diagnosis James, Power R01AG072559 ROS, MAP, MARS, Clinical Core, Latino Core 02/15/2022 01/31/2027 NIA
Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Mechanisms of Cognitive Decline in the Human Brain Lim R01AG052488 MAP 3/15/17 2/28/22 NIA
Multimodal MRI biomarkers of small vessel disease for older persons with and without dementia Schneider, Arfanakis UH3NS100599 ROS, MAP 9/30/16 7/31/21 NINDS

Completed grants

Study Title PI Grant # Cohort Start Date End Date Funding Agency
Post mortem MR imaging of brain tissue in Alzheimer's Disease Arfanakis ROS, MAP, Clinical Core 2006 2013 IDPH
Diffusion anisotropy predicts early AD pathology Arfanakis Contract #23282007 MAP 1/1/12 12/31/12 IDPH
Markers of Oxidative Stress and Aging Arvanitakis NIRG-04-1007 ROS 10/1/04 9/30/06 Alzheimer's Association
Oxidative Stress, Aging and Alzheimer's Disease Arvanitakis K23AG023675 ROS 1/15/05 12/31/09 NIA
Vascular Cognitive and Motor Decline: Impact of aPL Arvanitakis R01AG040039 ROS, MAP 9/30/11 5/31/18 NIA
Stress, inflammatory markers, and cognitive decline in older adults Barnes IIRG-07-59818 MAP, MARS 9/1/07 8/31/10 Alzheimer's Association
CEDHA Administrative Supplement: Sex differences in trauma and resilience Barnes P20MD006886-S1 CEDHA 2/1/15 1/31/18 NIMHD
Degraded Rationality: Subclinical Neuropathology and Neuroeconomic Behavior in Older Persons Bennett R21AG030765 MAP 9/1/07 6/30/10 NIA
Cognitive Decline and Dementia: Life Experiences and the Brain Histone Epigenome Bennett RC2AG036547 ROS, MAP 9/30/09 8/31/12 NIA
Pathway discovery, validation and compound identification for Alzheimer's disease Bennett, De Jager U01AG046152 ROS, MAP 9/20/13 8/31/19 NIA
Effects of Vascular Disease in Mild Cognitive Impairment Boyle K23AG23040 MAP 5/1/04 4/30/09 NIA
Risk Factors and the Neurobiologic Substrate of Frailty Buchman R01AG024480 MAP 7/1/05 6/30/12 NIA
The Clinical Profile of Parkinson's Disease (PD) Pathology Buchman R01NS078009 ROS, MAP 9/15/12 6/30/17 NINDS
Brain and Spinal Cord Microvascular Pathology in Late-Life Motor Impairment Buchman R01AG043379 MAP 9/30/12 5/31/17 NIA
Epidemiologic study of TDP-43 pathology in aging and dementia Schneider R01AG042210 ROS, MAP 7/1/12 3/31/19 NIA
Neurobiologic Study of Psychological Distress & Dementia Wilson R01AG024871 ROS 7/1/06 4/30/13 NIA
Neural Correlates of Impaired Financial & Health Care Decision-Making in Old Age Han K23AG040625 MAP 8/15/12 4/30/18 NIA, AFAR
Role of TOMM40 '523 and APOE in risk of incident MCI and Alzheimer's disease in longitudinal cohort studies of aging and dementia Bennett ROS, Clinical Core 1/27/14 1/26/15 Zinfandel
Exploring the Role of the Brain Transcriptome in Cognitive Decline De Jager R01AG036836 ROS, MAP 9/15/11 8/31/16 NIA
Brain Imaging of Impaired Financial & Healthcare Decision-Making in Old Age Han Contract #23282006 ROS 1/1/12 12/31/12 IDPH
Supplement to Neural Correlates of Impaired Financial & Health Care Decision-Making in Old Age Han K23AG040625-S1 Clinical Core 9/15/14 4/30/15 NIA
Metabolic Networks and Pathways in Alzheimer's Disease Kaddurah-Daouk R01AG046171-S ROS, MAP 5/1/16 5/31/17 NIA
Cognitive decline after hospitalization in older adults: predictors and pathogenesis James K01AG050823 MAP 8/15/15 4/30/20 NIA