Transfer Agreement Forms

Transfer Agreement Forms

All users of RADC data and/or specimens are required to complete the appropriate transfer agreements. Data and specimens will not be distributed until the required agreements are on file. Please use the guidelines below to determine which forms are required for your request.

Note that authorized official of your institution is required to sign on behalf of the institution. Your research office should be able to help you obtain the appropriate signature.

Data Sharing

  1. Includes
    1. Data (only) Request
      1. Covers GWAS, DNA Methylation, RNA, and other data generated from specimens
    2. Data to supplement Specimen Request
      1. Basic phenotype data (such as gender) requires a data use agreement
      2. Should you be requesting Specimens Only (NO accompanying phenotype data), please e-mail for guidance on the appropriate forms.
  2. Forms *
    1. Master Data Use Agreement (Master DUA)
      1. Agreement between investigator/investigator's institution and Rush University Medical Center
      2. Once on file it will apply toward current and future data projects
        Data Use Agreement (master)
      3. This document is required only one time per investigator

        c.1. This form is new as of May 2015 and will be required even if you have a previous (pre-May 2015) DUAs on file with us.

    2. DUA - project form — Exhibit A
      1. Links a specific project to Master DUA
      2. Requires new form with signatures for each project
        DUA - project form — Exhibit A

Specimen Sharing

  1. Includes
    1. Any transfer of biological material or material bi-products (brain, serum, plasma, DNA, CSF, slides, etc.) from Rush University Medical Center to you (your institution).
  2. Forms *
    1. Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement (UBMTA) signatory?
      1. You will need to determine if your institution is a signatory to the UBMTA before you can identify the appropriate forms to use. If you are unsure, please contact your institution's research office for guidance.
        AUTM Master UBMTA Agreement Signatories
        1. If your institution IS a signatory to the UBMTA
          UBMTA Implementing Letter
          MTA - Additional Terms - Exhibit A
        2. If your institution is NOT a signatory to the UBMTA
          Combined MTA and DUA

*Should you need Word versions of these documents for your legal department to red-line, please email