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ROS, MAP, MARS, Clinical Core, LATC



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Motor and Gait

Motor function
Motor function composite - Average of 10 tests

Motor and gait is a composite measure of global motor function calculated using the following items:

  1. Purdue Pegboard Test (no. of pegs)
  2. Finger-tapping test (taps/10 seconds)
  3. Time to cover a distance of 8 feet (seconds)
  4. Number of steps required to cover 8 feet (steps)
  5. 360 degree turn time (seconds)
  6. Number of steps to complete a 360 degree turn (steps)
  7. Leg stand (seconds)
  8. Toe stand (seconds)
  9. Grip strength (kilograms)
  10. Pinch strength (kilograms)

The composite measure is constructed by converting the performance score for each motor measure to a score using the mean from all participants at baseline and averaging all the motor tests together.

The individual components of this variable are available upon request.