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Episodic memory
Episodic memory domain - Average of 7 tests

We formed a composite measure of the cognitive domain episodic memory by converting raw scores on each cognitive test to z scores, using the mean and standard deviation of the cohort(s) at baseline visit, and then averaging the z scores to yield the composite.

The following 7 cognitive tests are used to compute this score:

test score z-score cognitive test
cts_wli z_WLI word list
cts_wlii z_WLII word list recall
cts_wliii z_WLIII word list recognition
cts_ebmt z_EBMT East Boston immediate recall
cts_ebdr z_EBDR East Boston delayed recall
cts_story z_Story Logical memory I (immediate recall)
cts_delay z_Delay Logical memory II (delayed recall)

Item level variables are available upon request.

NOTE: Every time a new participant completes a study baseline, values for ALL participants change slightly. therefore it is essential that if participants are added to a data set, ALL values must be updated.

The variable is calculated if more than half the z-scores are non-missing.