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Brain Proteins

Mean SNARE protein-protein interactions
Mean SNARE protein-protein interactions - Average of 6 regions (MAP only)

This variable is only available in MAP.

Mean Soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor Attachment protein Receptor (SNARE) protein-protein interactions captures the functional capacity of the presynaptic terminals to release neurotransmitters upon stimuli. Protein-protein interactions between different antigens are quantified from frozen samples of gray matter in 6 cortical regions. The measure is determined in the Honer Lab at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver BC, Canada).

Antibodies Synaptic protein interaction
SP7 + SP10 Syntaxin-1 - VAMP interaction
SP7 + SP12 Syntaxin-1 - SNAP-25 interaction
SP12 + SP7 SNAP-25 - Syntaxin-1 interaction
SP12 + SP10 SNAP-25 - VAMP interaction

Brain regions:

  1. Hippocampus
  2. Middle frontal gyrus
  3. Inferior temporal gyrus
  4. Calcarine (visual) cortex
  5. Ventromedial caudate
  6. Posterior putamen

For each of the 4 protein-protein interactions, values are expressed in log10 units, the mean is determined for each participant across the 6 brain regions, and a standardized score is calculated across all participants. Since reported values are inversely proportional to protein-protein interaction levels, scores are multiplied by negative 1 to make results directly related to the amount of target antigen. The mean SNARE protein-protein interactions is the average of the 4 protein-protein interactions. Higher values indicate more SNARE protein-protein interactions.

Note: This variable is not recommended to account for synaptic pathology.

SNAP-25 = Synaptosomal-associated protein 25
VAMP = Vesicle-associated membrane protein