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ROS, MAP, MARS, Clinical Core, LATC



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Motor and Gait

Motor gait
Motor function partial composite: Gait

Motor gait is a composite measure of gait created using 2 tests of lower extremity function: walking and turning 360 degrees.

Participants are asked to walk a distance of 8 feet twice, and to turn 360 degrees twice. Time and number of steps required to walk the distance or turn 360 degrees is recorded. The measures of time (in seconds) and number of steps are reciprocated (1 / ‘original value’) so that larger values indicate less time and fewer steps. The two values of each trial are then averaged to obtain the following performance scores: walking time, walking steps, turning time, and turning steps.

The 4 performance scores are then converted to a z-score, using the baseline mean and standard deviation of all study participants. Finally, the 4 z-scores are averaged to yield a composite measure of motor gait*.

*Motor gait score only calculated if two or more of the performance scores are nonmissing.