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ROS, MAP, MARS, Clinical Core, LATC



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Semantic memory
Semantic memory domain - Average of 3 tests

Semantic Memory Domain

We formed a composite measure of the cognitive domain semantic memory by converting raw scores on each cognitive test to z scores, using the mean and standard deviation of the cohort, and then averaging the z scores to yield the composite.

The following 3 cognitive tests are used to compute this score:

test score z-score cognitive test
cts_bname z_BName Boston naming (15 items)
cts_catflu z_CatFlu category fluency (animals - fruits/vegetables)
cts_read_nart* z_read_nart* reading test - (10 items)

*For the MARS study, the NART reading test is replaced with the 15-item WRAT reading test

Item level variables are available upon request.

Note: The variable is calculated if more than half the z-scores are non-missing.