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Actigraphy, Lifestyle

Average daily inactivity
Actical activity measure - Average percentage of day without activity (MAP only)

This variable is only available in MAP.

Average percentage of day without activity is a measure of average inactivity per day. Objective measures of physical activity are obtained using a portable actigraph: AX3 (2020-present), GENEActiv (2018-2020), Actical (2005-2018). See the Actigraphy category description for detailed information on each device. Participants are asked to wear the actigraph 24 hours per day for up to 10 days.

The percentage of the day during which there was no activity is calculated by dividing the sum of 15-second epochs with zero activity during the 24-hour period by 5760, the total number of 15-second epochs in a 24-hour period. This percentage was averaged over the number of days the individual wore the device.