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ROS, MAP, MARS, Clinical Core, LATC


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Medical Conditions

History of stroke
History of stroke based on clinician review

History of stroke is based on clinician review of self-report questions, neurological exam (when available), cognitive testing, and interview of participant. The clinician is first presented with an algorithmic diagnosis and has the ability to modify if necessary. For any given cycle, this variable indicates diagnosis of stroke in past history or in at least one follow-up cycle up to and including that cycle.

Clinician diagnosis of stroke:

Value Coding
1 Highly probable
2 Probable
3 Possible
4 Not present

The clinician rating is then dichotomized into history of stroke = 1 or no history of stroke = 0.

Value Coding
0 No history of stroke - Diagnosis of possible or not present in all cycles
1 History of stroke - Diagnosis of highly probable or probable in at least one cycle prior to or in the given cycle

Note: The provided references describe the baseline version of this variable.