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Motor and Gait

Bradykinesia score
Parkinsonian signs domain: Bradykinesia

Bradykinesia score is a measure of arm and leg agility and is a domain of the global parkinsonian summary score. The bradykinesia score is determined using a modified version of the motor portion of the United Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (mUPDRS). A trained nurse clinician scores bradykinesia based on 8 items:

  1. Right finger taps
  2. Left finger taps
  3. Right fist clench
  4. Left fist clench
  5. Right pronation-supination
  6. Left pronation-supination
  7. Right heel tap
  8. Left heel tap

Participants are asked to tap their thumb and index finger in rapid succession with the widest possible amplitude for 10 seconds. The nurse clinician observes amplitude and speed of movement for both hands. Next, participants are asked to open and close fists as widely and rapidly as possible for 10 seconds. Pronation-supination is assessed by asking participants to alternately tap the front and back of hand on their knee for 10 seconds. Speed, amplitude, and rhythmicity of movement are observed. Participants are lastly asked to tap each heel on the ground in rapid succession for 10 seconds by picking up the entire leg.

Each item is scored on a 6-point scale. The bradykinesia domain score is calculated by adding the ratings for the individual items, dividing by the maximum possible score for the domain, then multiplying by 100. The domain score ranges from 0 to 100, with higher scores reflecting more bradykinesia.

Rate responses for each item:

Value Coding
0 Normal
1 Slowing OR reduction in amplitude which could be normal
2 Mild slowing and reduction in amplitude
3 Moderately impaired. Definitely early fatiguing and may have occasional arrests in movement
4 Severely impaired. Frequent hesitation in initiating movements
5 Can barely perform task

Note: This variable is not calculated if more than half of the items are missing.