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ROS, MAP, MARS, Clinical Core, LATC


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Mobility disability
Mobility disability - Sum of 3 items (Rosow-Breslau scale)

The Rosow-Breslau scale is a composite measure of mobility disability. The scale measures ability to do 3 activities: doing heavy work around the house, walking up and down stairs, and walking half a mile without help.

Participants are asked to report need for help/assistance in performing the activities. Responses are then dichotomized into 0 = no help and 1 = requires help or unable to do (see below). The composite measure ranges from 0 to 3 and is the sum of the number of items for which participants report the need for help/assistance, with higher scores indicating greater disability.

Participants are asked the following 3 questions:

Are you able to…
1. do heavy work around the house, like washing windows, walls, or floors without help?
2. walk up and down stairs to the second floor without help?
3. walk half a mile without help?

Response choices for each item:

Response Response code Dichotomized value
No help 1 0
Help 2 1
Unable to do 3 1