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Risk factor - mental illness
Perception of mental illness as an Alzheimer's disease risk factor (MARS only)

This variable is only available in MARS.

Perception of mental illness as an Alzheimer’s disease risk factor is collected as part of a modified 9-item scale. The scale measures how important participants think each of nine factors are in increasing their chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease. This variable is the perception of mental illness as a risk factor.

Participants are asked the following question:

How important do you believe the following factors are in increasing one’s chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease?

  1. Genetics or hereditary factors (passed down through your family)
  2. Mental illness
  3. Stress
  4. Old age
  5. God’s will
  6. Head injury
  7. Exposure to toxins, such as drinking out of aluminum cans
  8. Drinking too much alcohol
  9. Smoking too much

Response choices for each item:

Value Response
1 Not at all important
2 Somewhat important
3 Very important
4 Extremely important