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SES and Cognitive Resources, Demographics

Cognitive resources - Age 12
Access to materials that support cognitive activity - Age 12

This variable is only available in MAP, MARS, and LATC.

Cognitive resources at age 12 measures the presence of materials that support cognitive activity (e.g., encyclopedia, library card, magazine subscriptions) in the home at the age of 12. The variable is measured using an 8-item scale issued at baseline.

Participants are asked to indicate whether they had each of seven items available (questions 1-7) and to estimate the number of books in the home (question 8). Responses for question 8 are adjusted to range from 0 to 1. The overall score of cognitive resources at age 12 ranges from 0 to 8 and represents the sum of the 8 questions. Higher scores indicate greater access to materials.

Participants are asked the following questions:

  1. Did your family subscribe to a daily newspaper when you were 12?
  2. Did your family subscribe to any magazines when you were 12?
  3. Did your home have a dictionary when you were 12?
  4. Did your home have an encyclopedia when you were 12?
  5. Did your home have a world atlas when you were 12?
  6. Did your home have a globe when you were 12?
  7. Did you or a member of your family have a library card when you were 12?
  8. About how many books do you think were in your family home when you were 12?

Response choices for questions 1-7:

Response Response value
Yes 1
No 0

Response choices for questions 8:

Response Response value Adjusted value
Less than 20 1 0
20 - 49 2 0.25
50 - 100 3 0.50
101 - 250 4 0.75
More than 250 5 1.0