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Odor memory - misses
Odor memory component: Says old, is new (MAP only)

Available in MAP

The odor identification/memory tests assess semantic odor memory (odor identification using 10 and 20 items) and episodic memory, in two phases. Both phases are measured using the OLFACT Test Battery and an olfactometer (Osmic Enterprises, Inc., Cincinnati, OH). See description of the OLFACT device measures subcategory for information on the test instrument.

In phase one of the test, participants are presented with 10 odors and asked to identify each one from 4 possible answer choices. There is then a 10-minute retention interval between phases. In phase two, participants are presented with the 10 odors from phase one as well as 10 new odors. For each of the 20 odors, participants are again asked to identify the odor from 4 answer choices and then asked whether the odor was presented in phase one (old) or introduced in phase two (new).

The misses variable is the number of times a participant says an odor is old and it is new. The variable can be combined with hits, correct rejections, and incorrect rejections to construct a summary of participants’ ability to distinguish between odors presented in phase one of the test and those introduced in phase two (e.g., ROC curve).