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Social activity - late life
Frequency of participation in social activity in late life

Frequency of late-life social activity is assessed using a 6-item scale that asks how often during the past year participants engaged in common types of activities that involve social interaction.

Participants are asked to rate the items on a 5-point scale, with higher values indicating more frequent participation (see below). Item scores are averaged to yield the composite measure, with higher scores indicating greater social activity.

Participants are asked to rate the following six items:

During the past year, how often did you…
1. go to restaurants, sporting events or teletract, or play bingo?
2. go on day trips or overnight trips?
3. do unpaid community/volunteer work?
4. visit at relatives’ or friends’ houses?
5. participate in groups (such as senior center, VFW, Knights of Columbus, Rosary Society or something similar)?
6. attend church or religious services?

Response choices for each item:

Value Response
1 Once a year or less
2 Several times a year
3 Several times a month
4 Several times a week
5 Every day or almost every day