Measures of well-being

Purpose in life Sense of purpose in life
Satisfaction with life Satisfaction With Life Scale - Average of 5 items
Overall satisfaction Overall satisfaction with life rating - 1 question
Overall happiness Overall happiness rating - 1 question
Time horizon Perceived time horizon - Average of 6 items


Well-being scale

Well-being scale and domains

Overall well-being Overall well-being - Average of 18 items
Hedonic well-being Well-being subscale: Hedonic - Average of 9 items
Eudaimonic well-being Well-being subscale: Eudaimonic - Average of 9 items
Well-being: Autonomy Well-being component: Autonomy - Average of 3 items
Well-being: Environmental mastery Well-being component: Environmental mastery - Average of 3 items
Well-being: Growth Well-being component: Growth - Average of 3 items
Well-being: Positive relations with others Well-being component: Positive relations with others - Average of 3 items
Well-being: Purpose in life Well-being component: Purpose in life - Average of 3 items
Well-being: Self-acceptance Well-being component: Self-acceptance - Average of 3 items