Medical Conditions

Chronic medical conditions and risk factors


Blood pressure

Measures of blood pressure

Systolic blood pressure Systolic blood pressure - Average of 3 readings
Diastolic blood pressure Diastolic blood pressure - Average of 3 readings
History of hypertension Self-reported history of hypertension


History of cancer

Cancer at baseline Self-reported history of cancer at baseline


History of diabetes

History of diabetes Self-reported history of diabetes


Measures of falls

Falls in past year Falls over the past year, self-reported

Head injury

History of head injury

Head injury loss of consciousness Self-reported history of head injury with loss of consciousness at baseline


History of thyroid disease

Thyroid disease Self-reported history of thyroid disease at baseline


History of vascular disease

Vascular disease risk factors Cumulative vascular disease risk factors - Average of 3 items
Vascular disease burden - 4 items Cumulative vascular disease burden - Average of 4 items
Vascular disease burden - 3 items Cumulative vascular disease burden - Average of 3 items
History of claudication Self-reported history of claudication
History of congestive heart failure Self-reported history of congestive heart failure
History of heart conditions Self-reported history of heart conditions
History of stroke History of stroke based on clinician review

Summary measures

Summary measures of medical conditions

Medical conditions Self-reported medical condition - baseline

Variables listed in another category

Anemia From Blood Measures