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Webinar on AMP-AD drug discovery pipeline (July 31th, 2019)

Cohort Study Designs

Brief study design descriptions including inclusion criteria and start dates for RADC cohort studies.

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Substudies are projects that collect additional data or measurements in addition to what was originally included in the parent cohort study, such as neuroimaging, actigraphy, and decision making. Because substudies start after the initiation of the parent cohort studies and are not collected across all cohorts, a timeline is provided to indicate the start of each available substudy within each cohort.

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A variety of data is collected through the RADC cohort studies and substudies, organized, processed for analyses, and made available for research inside and outside of the RADC. Sources of data include interviews, cognitive assessments, clinical evaluations, laboratory testing, neuropathologic evaluation, medical devices, genetic sequencing, and neuroimaging, among others. The variables documented here have been carefully created and reviewed by the faculty and staff of the RADC. As we complete the development and publication of new types of data and make them available for sharing, documentation of new variables will be added to this website.

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The RADC maintains a collection of microarray and next-generational sequencing datasets derived from biological samples from participants in studies. These datasets are available by request and/or via download from the ROSMAP page at AMP-AD's site on .

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