Data Resource Request

If you are interested in using data from the RADC, please review the Data and Resource Sharing Policy as well as the Data and Biologic Material Transfer Agreement before submitting a request for data or specimens. You will need to create an account (with username and password) to use the request system.

A large selection of data categories and specific variables are available for request from the RADC cohorts. For more information, visit the documentation.

Limited Data Sets

Create Limited Data Set Request

Application Process

Enter Request

The application process is implemented through a web-based form. As each page is completed the form is saved. Any page can be updated at any time before the form is submitted.

  1. Investigator Intent for Intellectual Property
  2. Principal Investigator or Project Leader
  3. Co-Investigators
  4. Study Information
    • Title
    • For funded projects - funding source, agency, grant number
    • For preliminary projects - preliminary funding source, planned submission agency, due date, allowable costs
  5. Experimental Plan
    • Brief analytic plan
    • Study cohorts for request
  6. Data Requested
    • Categories
    • Variables
  7. Ante-mortem MRI Imaging Data
    • MRI Processing Output
    • MRI Raw Output
  8. Other Information
    • Additional information on data requested for analyses
    • RADC Collaborator
    • Comment
  9. Upload Documents
  10. Review and Submit

Submit the Request

From this point on, the web system will direct the next steps. The system will send updates to email address of primary investigator. You may want to consider using the address of another staff member who will be in charge of tracking progress.


Committee - Your request will be reviewed by the RADC Resource Distribution Committee

3 outcomes (all notified to applicant via email)

  1. Rejected - explanation will be given.
  2. Returned for revisions prior to approval.
  3. Approved

The next three steps can be occurring simultaneously following approval.

  1. Obtain signatures on master Data Use Agreement and project specific exhibit from your institution's research office. For more information and actual agreements, see the transfer agreements forms page. You should start immediately after request approval as this step can sometimes take as much as a few months to work through.
  2. Work on general timeline of delivery of data with Resource Sharing Coordinator, Greg Klein
  3. Refine data needs with Resource Sharing Coordinator.

After agreement is fully executed and saved on file at Rush, you will receive your data.

The Data and Specimen Sharing Agreements with the National Institutes of Health require Rush investigators to track the distribution of all data and specimens, including the recipients' grant numbers and funding.


If you have any questions about any of the below items, please contact RADC Data Sharing Coordinator Greg Klein at