Data Dictionaries

All in-person data collection with research participants in RADC is performed use the Blaise computer-assisted interviewing (CAI) system.

The text-based dictionaries available online for ROS, MAP, MARS, and Latino Core studies are generated from Blaise source code to provide the questions, variables names and response codes in a data element dictionary (DED) style format. Blaise forms incorporate extensive range checks, alerts, and branching that are not part of the dictionaries.

For more information on Blaise or the execution of any particular data collection instrument, contact the Data Sharing Coordinator.


ROS, MAP, MARS, and Latino Core performed standardized cognitive evaluations, neuropsychologist impressions, and diagnostics classification forms across all studies.

Study Form
ROS, MAP, MARS, Latino Core radccog - Cognitive Assessment Forms
ROS, MAP, MARS, Latino Core radcneur - Neuropsychologist Impression Form
ROS, MAP, MARS, Latino Core radcdcf - Diagnostic Classification Form
ROS, MAP, MARS, Latino Core radcmotint - Motor Testing Form
ROS, MAP, MARS, Latino Core radcmotce - Motor Clinical Evaluation Form

Study Specific

Study Participant Interview Form Clinical Evaluation Form
Baseline Followup Baseline Followup
ROS rosint rosintfu roscev roscevfu
MAP mp2int mp2intfu mp2cev mp2cevfu
MARS marint marintfu marcev marcevfu
Latino Core latint latintfu latcev latcevfu
CEDHA cedhaint cedhaintfu
Study Form
CEDHA cedhaurblf - Urban Life Events Checklist
CEDHA cedharis - CD-RISC Resilience Scale (10 item)