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ROS, MAP, MARS, Clinical Core


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Decision Making and Behavioral Economics

Confidence: Healthcare knowledge
Self-reported confidence rating of healthcare knowledge - Average of 4 items

Confidence in healthcare knowledge is measured using 4 follow-up questions to items #1-4 from the health literacy measure. The following question is used to assess participants’ confidence in their answer to the preceding healthcare knowledge question:

How confident are you that you answered that question correctly?

Participants are asked to respond using a 4-point rating scale (see table below). Confidence in healthcare knowledge ranges from 1 to 4 and is calculated by averaging the 4 individual confidence ratings, with a higher rating indicating greater confidence.

Response choices for each question:

Response Value
Extremely confident 4
Fairly confident 3
A little confident 2
Not at all confident 1

Note: If more than half the ratings are missing, this variable is not calculated.